First, I teach you the basics about casual posing so you know what looks good. I offer direction so you look your absolute best but then, I set you free.  This is when the magic happens.

For any type of photo shoot, there's spontaneous activity and typically pre-planned canned poses do not typically capture any of it. 

We must have a certain amount of efficiently and carefully planned traditional photographs but every person, every couple, every senior and every family has something in them that is so beautifully unique.  
Planned poses do not always capture your true personality.  After you have seen them three or four times they become completely meaningless and very dull.....*yawn.*

I like to work with you to replicate a shot you love. And this almost always leads into something that is even better than what you initially thought you might want.

Here is the key item. Your wedding day, your family photo shoot, your senior photo shoot -- it is your day. It is not the photographers day. 

If you are a bride, you have dreamed of, planned for and fantasized for most of your life. It is a day you want to experience completely and fully. 

It is a day for you to cry and laugh, play and be solemn, get nervous then giggle, whoop and scream and kick up your heels.

In plain and ordinary terms, this is the day you want to have a ball! This is not the day you want to spend much time posing under the direction of some stranger with a camera and a list with traditional poses. 

Worse, when you get the pictures, you will have a book full of pictures that are well-composed poses that are mostly pretty to look at, but, these carefully-posed pictures shot from the same list that is used at every other wedding--make your wedding look just like every other wedding.

So, what is important? Somebody's list? Or, your exciting, happy, tearful, hysterical, funny, wonderful wedding?

Let me capture the real, authentic, beautiful essence of you.

~ Zen Photography by Deborah

I click to capture the essence, timelessness, harmony and celebration of the ordinary, which are essential ingredients of Zen.

Zen is said to be beyond language, and art in the spirit of Zen creates appreciation of life.

My aim is to provide photographs that inspire emotion, capture joy, evoke feeling or provoke thought. 

zen philosophy